Trail Report

Still hanging on to snow that fell over the weekend. Morning temp in the mid 20’s freezing everything down. Winter is having a hard time letting go! Enough snow on the trails for yet another April ski!  The sun and temps should melt most of the remaining snow today before another round!?!?! When will spring come?

The edges of the lake that were open water froze over during the weekend and we are not gaining ground on the ice moving off Little Sugarbush. As recent as 2009, we have had Spring storms and ice outs the end of April so this isn’t entirely unusually. Just seems later this year since we had snow in Ocotber and than staying on the ground from mid November until mid April. A few signs of spring with wild onions and other wild plants emerging from the forest floor but spring is having a hard time moving forward! The waterfowl and other migratory birds have moved in providing sounds of spring.

Wild onions emerging from the forest floor only to be covered with freezing rain than snow over the weekend.