Ski Trail Report

Trails are open. Excellent late February ski conditions. 2″ of new snow overnight. 5-6″ of snow on Monday bringing week total to around 7″. We have been grooming daily on the entire trail system since Monday. Touch up grooming planned on Friday. Temps look ideal for really nice skiing rest of the week and weekend!!

Lot of animals on the move and tons of tracks everywhere, especially on the inner trails. Eagles, grouse, porcupines, fox and pileated woodpeckers some of the wildlife sighted….keep your eyes open! 

Trails groomed for classic and open include Sap Run, Mother Hen, JibFly, Loon Return, Sukkerbusk, Mother North Star, Rootin Tootin, North Loup, Roy’s Run, Island Lake, Wavy Gravy and Twin Lakes. For skating Skaters Waltz, the extension loops, Single Green, Kristin’s Cutoff and North Loup.

Lucky’s Loype and Bullhead trail are snow covered, no grooming and open for bushwhacking. We have packed a loop on Bullhead lake and set a track on the perimeter for classic. 

Fat bike trails are open, click here for latest report

Total snowfall this season at 52″. Compacted base on trail 6-12″. 

Trails will be open every day there is skiable snow including all Holidays and weekends. There is no ski rental at Maplelag. MN Tru North in Perham MN is offering ski rental 218-346-5253

(Trail maps posted here)  

The Brant cabin available as a warming area with restrooms and sitting area and tables, parking available across from Brant cabin as well. There are no ski rentals available.

Ski trail season passes can be purchased on our website. (scroll down to bottom of page) Purchasing season pass helps with operating and maintenance costs to prepare the trails, equipment repairs to the grooming equipment and property taxes. Thank you. 

Wavy Gravy after fresh grooming, February 23rd, 2023.
Grooming on Sap Run, February 23rd, 2023.
Smiles on Sukkerbusk!
Setting fresh track on Mother North Star, February 23rd, 2023.
All skate trails groomed again today, February 23rd, 2023. Surface might be slow due to the cold fine grained snow but base is firm and once warms up a bit should be fantastic skating.
Intersection of Mother Hen and Sukkerbusk, both groomed multiple times today, February 23rd, 2023.
Grooming on Sap Run, February 22nd, 2023.
Grooming on Skaters Waltz, February 22nd, 2023.
Grooming on JibFly, February 22nd, 2023.
Grooming on Skaters Waltz, February 22nd, 2023.
Grooming on Mother North Star, February 22nd, 2023.
Grooming on Skaters Waltz extension, February 21st, 2023. 
Enjoying the fresh groomed on Sukkerbusk, February 20th, 2023.
Front end renovator in action on the Pisten Bully groomer, mixing the new snow with the transformed snow below, February 20th, 2023.
Cutting tracks! February 20th, 2023.
Striding on Sukkebusk, February 19th, 2023.
Family ski on Wavy Gravy, February 19th, 2023.
Renovating and resetting track on Sukkebusk, February 18th, 2023.
Evening groom on Wavy Gravy, February 18th, 2023.