Ski Trail Report

Trails open. An inch or two of dry fluffy snow the past 24 hours with temps down to the single digits. Grooming on 22km of trail this morning. We combed out the 15km of skate only trails and reset a track on Sukkebusk and JibFly. The new snow improving the conditions and making for better skiing.

Recommended trails to ski with the best coverage is on Sukkerbusk and JibFly for classic and Skaters Waltz for skating. We have been working on Skaters Waltz this week, tenderizing the deck and shoveling on thin areas.

Has been a nice start to the ski season with good early season conditions. Great seeing so many people out so far this year, thanks for the reports and purchase of season passes. 

Total snowfall this season at 12″. Compacted base on trail 1-4″.

Winter operating plans include to operate for day skiing on the the ski, snowshoe and fat bike trails. (Trail maps posted here) Similar to the COVID season, there will be no services available. Parking in the far lot with portable bathrooms.No lodging or meal service. Starting Thanksgiving weekend we will have the Brant cabin available as a warming area with restrooms and sitting area and tables. There are no ski rentals available. 

Ski trail season passes can be purchased on our website. (scroll down to bottom of page) Purchasing season pass helps with operating and maintenance costs to prepare the trails, equipment repairs to the grooming equipment and property taxes. Thank you. 

Select fat bike trails have been groomed and are now open.

Skiing in fresh snow on Sukkerbusk, November 30th, 2022.
Pressing new snow on one track on Sukkerbusk, November 30th, 2022. Option to ski skied in track or groomed track. Groomed track will have icier base.
Pressing new snow into preexisting track on JibFly, November 30th, 2022. Most of JibFly in fair to good early season condition.
Combing the new snow on the skate trails, November 30th, 2022.
Tenderizing the deck and patching thin spots on Skaters Waltz, November 28th, 2022.
Section of Skaters Waltz lit with solar lights, November 28th, 2022. With sunset earlier, finishing up with laps on the lit loop is a option to extend a ski outing.
Sunset ride on the frozen groomed singletrack, November 27th, 2022. Select trails are open for fat biking. Good seeing a few folks out this weekend. Latest fat bike report can be found here.
Members of the Moorhead Nordic ski team on trail today, November 26th, 2022.
Afternoon ski for Paul and Judy! November 26th, 2022. Great seeing long time guests on the trail this weekend.
Spring skiing in November! November 26th, 2022.
Charlie and Dylan getting in the local laps! November 26th, 2022.
Afternoon skier, November 25th, 2022.