Trail Report

Setting new tracks Monday morning on Sukkerbusk
Detroit Lakes state qualifiers out for a training session Monday afternoon.

Spring conditions the middle of February! Warm day and cool nights making for great Springlike skiing. The key during this cycle is that we are freezing nicely at nights. A check of the trails late Tuesday found the snow holding out great though with fantastic springlike skiing. Fast/icylike in the morning and getting slower as the day goes on. Beautiful to be in the woods! Sukkerbusk, Sap Run, Mother Hen and Skaters Waltz groomed Monday evening. We will resume grooming on Thursday evening most likely after this warm spell and the transition to cooler weather with possible snow.  Compacted base 8-16″. Snow depth in woods 1-3 feet. 100% open on 64km. 57 km tracked for classic, 13km groomed for skating.   Skaters Waltz/ extension, Suicide Hill and North Loup groomed for skating.  There is also a track set on North Loup for classic.

Total snowfall  this season has been 69″.  The trails are open for day skiing and the current fee is $15 to use the trails for the day.

Dean and Ali Clarkson spending Valentines day on the trails!
Heading down Mother North Star
Skaters Waltz Monday afternoon. Groomed later in the evening.