Trail Report

Beautiful summer weather in place after a stormy week before with big wind Monday and Friday evenings. Quite a few trees coming down but no damage to any buildings thankfully. Cooler and refreshing weather in place after hot summer like temps Thursday and Friday.

We have been busy working on the ski trails now that the grass is growing good and constantly clearing deadfall. Storm on Monday bringing a fair number of trees down we are clearing as we can.

The woods are very lush and green and vibrant with wildflowers and greenery sprouting from the forest floor. Leaves on the trees have come full circle. We have been clearing on the trails and also planting trees for spring trail work.

Mountain bike trails are now open, weather permitting. Click on the mountain bike report for latest conditions. Trails are closed to horses and motorized use.

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Mowing on the trails is in full force right now, June 29th, 2022.
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Another beautiful summer sunset, June 27th, 2022.