Trail Report

Fantastic conditions on the trails. Light snow falling the past two days accumulating to 1.5″. All skate trails groomed this morning and new tracks set on North Loup, Mother North Star, Loon Return, Wavy Gravy, Island Lake and JibFly. Sap Run, Mother Hen, Sukkerbusk, and Twin Lakes groomed Tuesday morning with fresh tracks set. All other trails groomed over the weekend with the new snow on top. We will complete the grooming of the trail system tomorrow morning than re-groom everything again Friday and Saturday mornings. Compacted base 7-10″. 100% open on 64km. 57 km tracked for classic, 15km groomed for skating.   Skaters Waltz/ extension Single and Double green, Suicide Hill and North Loup groomed for skating.  There is also a track set on North Loup for classic.

For some reason there seems to be extra “concern”/talk/discussion of the potential for colder weather this weekend. Looking at the forecast, it doesn’t look any different than the weather we have already experience this season. In fact, compared to other winters, we haven’t had any -40 degree mornings which is typical during any winter season, regardless of snowfall. At Maplelag we embrace winter with open arms, including negative temps. Our position is that -20 is better than plus 40. Right now, the snow and skiing on the trails couldn’t be any better. We don’t take any days off from grooming or skiing because of the weather. We bundle up, maybe put another layer on and just groom and ski.

Total snowfall  this season has been 52″.  The trails are open for day skiing and the current fee is $15 to use the trails for the day.

Roy's Run complete!