Trail Report

I am reluctant to say ski conditions are ever perfect but today comes as close to that as you can get. Trees frosted and snow covered, light snow falling most of the day, no wind, temps in the mid teens than sunshine late with incredible light through the clouds near sunset. All the trails (64km) open.  We have been grooming daily and will continue to do so on through the Holidays. Fresh grooming planned Sunday on 35km of trail. Compacted base 5-8″. 57 km tracked for classic only, 15km groomed for skating.  The north end of Bullhead is a bit rough but skiable throughout or take skis off and walk.  All trails are groomed for classic.  Skaters Waltz/ extension, Kristin’s Kutoff, Single and Double green, Suicide Hill and North Loup groomed for skating.  There is also a track set on North Loup for classic.
Total snowfall  this season has been 35″.  The trails are open for day skiing and the current fee is $15 to use the trails for the day.  (Maplelag ski reports on skinnyski and link to share ski experience!)