Ski Trail Report

Trails open Great Sunday skiing in place. Ideal temps, no wind and intermittent sunshine. Excellent snow and ski conditions with yet another dusting of silky fluff snow Saturday afternoon and evening. Touch up grooming Saturday evening and early Sunday morning on select trails. Busy day on the trails Saturday but everything skiing good and the light dusting of new snow a nice refresh.

Grooming update: Sap Run, Sukkerbusk, Skaters Waltz, Single Green and Kristin’s Kutoff groomed Saturday evening/Sunday morning. Entire trail system groomed Thursday and Friday. Grooming on select trails occurs daily and we have groomed every day, at least some portion of the system the past six weeks.

Nature Notes: Wildlife has been active the last few weeks. We have been seeing porcupines along the snowshoe trail and Roy’s Run. We have also seen hawks, owls near JibFly and North Star, fox, deer of course, pileated woodpeckers and tons of tracks.

Trails are open for day use. Day and season passes can be purchased here. Please note due to COVID protocols, there are no lodge services for day use. This includes no ski rental or access to coffee bar. Parking in far lot near blue recycling bins where porta potties are located.Please respect this policy so Maplelag can operate as safe as possible and remain open. There are no dogs or pets allowed.

Fat Bike trails open. Click here for report

Classic skiing on Sukkerbusk, Sap Run, Mother Hen, JibFly, Rootin Tootin, Twin Lakes, Mother North Star, Wavy Gravy, Island Lake trail North Loup and Roy’s Run. Please no skating on the classic trails. Bullhead/Bootleg has now been tracked on the Bootleg extension and return. Lucky’s Loype is adventure skiing (no grooming).

Skaters Waltz, the extension loops, North Loup, Suicide Hill, Single Green and Kristin’s Kutoff designated trails groomed for skating.

All trails are one way except Sukkerbusk and Skaters Waltz. Skiing correct direction, especially in early season, helps us maintain the integrity of the base. Thank you!

Trails are open for day skiing for non lodging guests. Lodge is closed to day use.

Day and season passes can be purchased here.

Snowshoe trails are open and packed.

Snowfall past 24 hours: 1″

Snowfall past 7 days: 4″

Snowfall to date: 65″

Compacted base on trail: 6-9″

Snow depth in woods: 16-40″

Day and season passes can be purchased here.

NO services in the lodge at this time or ski rental available for day skiing. Parking in far lot near porta bathrooms and recycling bins. Please respect this policy so Maplelag can operate as safe as possible and remain open.

Ski Camp! Bloomington Nordic skiers ready for a full day of skiing, January 29th, 2022.
Fresh grooming in the Switchyard, January 29th, 2022. Ski out the door from every cabin at Maplelag!
Skaters Waltz extension, January 29th, 2022.
Evening groom under the solar lights on Sap Run, January 29th, 2022.
Skate trails grooming Saturday evening January 29th, 2022.
Grooming through the start area, January 27th, 2022. Great weekend of skiing on tap!
Another grooming run on Sukkerbusk! January 27th, 2022.
Wavy Gravy fresh track set, January 27th, 2022.
Mother North Star trail grooming, January 27th, 2022.
Dusting of magic snow on Rootin Tootin, January 27th, 2022. On tap for grooming Friday morning!
Grooming on JibFly ski trail, January 26th, 2022. Look for barred owl in this area!
Roy’s Run at dusk, January 25th, 2022.
Crossing to the northern trails, January 25th, 2022.
Sukkebusk at dusk, January 25th, 2022.
Resident porcupine along Roy’s Run trail. Look for path leading to the tree!