Trail Report

Snowing hard early this morning leaving around 2″ of nice dense snow. We will be grooming in this new snow today. The trails are in great shape and pretty much in mid winter conditions!   60 of 64km packed/tracked/combed. 3-6″ compacted base. 40km tracked classic only, 15km groomed skate only, 6km packed(Island lake trail, will be tracked Friday morning) . Skating on Skaters Waltz, extension, single and double green, Kristin’s Kutoff, Suicide Hill and North Loup groomed and open for skating, all other trails tracked for classic. We are grooming on the trails this week, preparing them for the ski camp this coming weekend. Sukkerbusk, Twin Lakes, Wavy Gravy, Lucky’s Loype, Skaters Waltz and extension, Kristin’s Kutoff, Single and Double green, Suicide Hill and North Loup fresh groomed Wednesday morning.
The entire trail system has been packed/tracked or combed (including the two soccer fields and back bowl)except for the east side (4km) of Bullhead lake trail. The east side is closed until colder weather, which will freeze the thin ice areas.   Roy’s Run was pack-tracked on Friday (packed with track set right at same time) today and 75% is in good condition with soft track, fresh snow on top/skier packed and other 25% is rough. We could not groom the entire loop because of water issues but still have a full complete loop using bootleg trail and forest access roads.  A nice start to the season with 22″ of snow this season, so far. We are working on the trails this week preparing them for the high school Nordic ski camps. The trails are open for day skiing and the current fee is $10 to use the trails.