Trail Report

A hard freeze last night making for some great late October crust skiing on the 4″ of  snow that fell Tuesday night and Wednesday morning from the Record record beaking storm (as far as low pressure) Around 2″ of rain fell leading up to the snow. Enough snow Wednesday to head out on the trails for the first ski of the year. Sloppy for sure but always fun to see the “white stuff” first time of the season. A check of the inner trails didn’t find any big trees coming down, surprisingly,  but lots of twigs and small branches that we will clear off the best we can.  Otherwise the trails are in great shape and ready for the real snow to fly which we hope for after a hard freeze to set up the ground and sloughs, typically the end of November.

The trails will be open at no charge until deer hunting season which is the first part of November. The mountain bike trails are wet and sloppy right now but if they dry out proper, will be open for riding, including the new singletrack at Twin lakes.