Trail Report

Happy November 1st! First flakes of snow last night lingering into today! We are excited for the upcoming winter season and potential for snow and skiing later this month. We have had a fantastic fall of trail work and continuing this week up until deer hunting. The trails are closing at sunset today for “dirt play”. We will open the trails again when there is enough snow to groom for the ski and fat bike trails. Lodging for the winter season operations will begin the December 17th weekend. There is no lodging available for winter operations before that but if skiable snow, we will have the trails open for day skiing.

Maplelag is enrolled in the fee based MN DNR Woodland Stewardship Program as part of conservation efforts and forest management. Please consider donating to our Maplelag Conservation Legacy program to help offset these increased costs. Thank you!

Still some fall color with the tamaracks at peak in the middle of Kohlepp slough, October 23rd, 2021.
Bullhead lake as seen from the Bullhead lake trail, October 23rd, 2021.
End of Twin Lakes ski trail, October 21st, 2021. Ready for winter snows!
Looking across slough towards south Twin Lake, October 21st, 2021. Ice on the edges!
Clearing deadfall on Twin Lakes trail, October 21st, 2021.
Poplar and tamarack trees displaying their autumn gold this week, October 19th, 2021.
Late fall color scene at Twin Lakes crossing, October 20th, 2021.
Saturday hikers on Rootin Tootin! October 16th, 2021.
Frosty coating at start of JibFly trail, October 16th, 2021.
Frosty scene at Twin Lakes crossing, October 16th, 2021.
Saturday clearing on Skaters Waltz, October 16th, 2021.