Trail Report

7″ of new snow the past 24 hours. Winter wonderland scenes! Quite the week after seeing 60 degrees on Tuesday. Late last night a 4-5km loop was groomed, using Sap Run for a connector and grooming a loop on the east side of the inner trail system using Sukkerbusk and Skaters Waltz. Suicide Hill was also groomed. Did not groom more trail as temps will warm up and many low areas are still holding water from the rapid melt earlier in the week.

We will have this loop open for skiing. No tracks set. Best skiing will be early in the morning before it warms up and gets really sticky. The base was soft/wet on the bottom so expect variable conditions if venturing out. Other trails are skiable making own track but be aware there are low areas with water and unmarked obstacles. Ski at own risk and assume all responsibility.

Note: the driveway has not been plowed. Road is passable, use parking lot near the main lodge for parking please.

Enjoying the fresh snow on trail groomed last night, March 11th, 2021. Dusting of snow falling after the grooming.
Fresh snow fun on Suicide Hill! March 11th, 2021.
Few low areas still a bit slushy, not able to freeze down with new snow insulating. March 11th, 2021.
Snowy scene in the “square field” as snow was starting to accumulate, March 10th, 2021.
Late night grooming on solar lit Sap Run, March 10th, 2021. Just the start of Sap Run groomed. No tracks set.