Trail Report

Trails are now closed for the season. A very nice morning of skiing before temps warmed up and got slushy. Skater waltz was fantastic creamy corn snow skiing even up until noon. Warm temps, wind and sun taking the toll on the snowpack. Although it be skiable on Sunday and few days after, we are closing the trails out of abundance of caution. Also, as a result of Maplelag’s driveway being a “environmentally friendly” driveway, conditions are such certain cars may not be able to get in and out. If we get any snow later this month and cooler temps to follow, we will open the trails back up again. Thanks to everyone who came to Maplelag and supported the trails this season. Fat Bike trails closed as well.

Another nice morning of spring skiing on Skaters Waltz, March 6th, 2021.
Nice morning of spring skiing on Twin Lakes, March 5th, 2021.