Trail Report

Around and inch and a half of rain the past 24 hours. Sunny and clear to start the morning on Friday. Wind has switched from the southeast to the northwest and cooler and drier air on the move. Trails will be a bit damp first part of the day but should be good for travel in the afternoon. Mushrooms have exploded from wet weather this summer and interesting to see the wide variety in the woods.  Folks have been hitting the trail pretty much daily. A few mud spots here and there from the recent rain. We have brushed out the lakeside drops and blown out the singletrack and conditions are very good to excellent. A few areas still brushy.  The water tables are are at near record levels from the wet June and July. Mosquitoes starting to multiply with the wet conditions but if you keep moving, not as bad.  We have been working on the trails including maintenance work on the singletrack and have been mowing on the ski trails, preparing them for winter and cutting trees from winds earlier this month. The ski trails are in great shape for this time of year. A few areas of erosion from the hard rain but will repair in the Fall.

The trails are open for mountain biking, hiking and trail running throughout the Summer. The trails are closed to horses and motorized use. There is no charge to use the trails and there are no services in the main lodge at this time with camp going on. If you do ride, all we ask is you clear and sticks etc. if you can.  The mtb course starts near the Great Northern Cabin and is marked for beginners to advanced riders. Follow the white signs with black arrows. The singletrack sections are labeled easier or more difficult/advanced. The advanced loop is around 7.4  miles, taking 50min to 1.5 hrs to complete. Please park in the parking lot by the first freight house as you enter the Maplelag property. The other mowed ski trails are open for riding as well. Enjoy!

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