Trail Report

Despite the absence of snow on the trails, a fun weekend in the woods and on the lake. The trails have been freezing down at night the last couple nights making it possible to mountain bike in the morning before it softens up again. There is a small window to do this and riding can be very nice. There are just a few deadfalls down on the singletrack otherwise the track is in pretty good shape for end of winter season with lots of twigs and small branches from the heavy snow earlier in the winter.  After a week plus of above freezing temps, the snow melted on the surface of the lake than froze again on the top making for a nice surface to ice skate on. There are bumpy sections on the edges but the middle of the lake is very nice for skating.  We also have been “jibskating” on the jump in the back bowl/sledding hill. We had to shovel a bit on the slope down but the jump is still close to the original size and providing a late season fix of skiing.