Trail Report

A great week of skiing and should continue on through the weekend. Temps staying below melting and snow skiing silky like with high humidity. Trails are taking shape and skiing nicely after 14″ of snow last week. The entire trail system outside the AMA segments have been groomed 1-4 times since the most recent snowfalls. Last night we groomed on most of the double track, grooming at night with the warmer temps so the track can set up. This week we also groomed on the courses used for the Section races and all the singletrack classic trails were touched up, widening and packing. We have been grooming daily on at least some portion of the trail system since December 13th.

80km of trail open. Around 50km of ski trail with tracks for classic skiing and 15km for skate. Around 5km no tracked/groomed for bushwhack skier made track skiing. 13km of trail designated for fat biking including the Twin Lakes singletrack. Snowshoe trail has seen good use and also many areas to explore fresh powder. Check board in entry of lodge for latest reports.

Bullhead lake trail along the north endwith the Bootleg extension now open and groomed. A few rough spots on the non groomed AMA segments and the north crossing. This scenic trail is designated as adventure skiing, and recommended to not use “race skis”. Please use caution if skiing Lucky’s Loype, in particular on the AMA segments.

Total snow depth in the woods 26-40″. Total snowfall on the season at 49″.

Most recent grooming on the Fat bike loops January 17th. Click here for full report and more information.

Day skiing available for skiers not staying at the resort. Purchase pass online.

Sledding hill is open with plenty of powder and ice skating rink is open and ready for skaters!

Ski rental available to day skiers (subject to availability.) Lunch and day skiing packages available midweek outside of the weekends and holiday seasons. There is no lodge or facility use (hot tub etc.) available for day use outside of the wax room and day skiing lounge room in lower level of lodge. Contact us for pricing, availability questions on the above items via email and we will be glad to help. Thank you!

Night grooming, January 23rd, 2020.
Beautiful skiing on JibFly ski trail, January 22nd, 2020.
Skaters Waltz, January 22nd, 2020.
Resetting tracks on Twin Lakes, January 21st, 2020.
Resetting tracks on Poki Loki at start of new Mother Hen, January 21st, 2020.
Twin Lakes ski trail before another grooming pass, January 19th, 2020. Groomer’s Choice!
Lucky’s Loype, before grooming new snow, January 16th, 2020.
Grooming through the pines on Lucky’s Loype singletrack classic trail, January 16th, 2020.
Grooming on Twin Lakes trail, January 15th, 2020.
Skaters Waltz, January 15th, 2020.
North end of Bullhead lake, January 15th, 2020. Packing before tracking!
Morning grooming on Sukkerbusk before clearing later in day, January 15th, 2020.
Afternoon sun filtering through the snow covered branches. January 14th, 2020.
Setting fresh tracks on Sap Run, January 14th, 2020. New snow mixed with the existing base and ideal temps making for top notch classic skiing.
Fresh grooming at the Switchyard trailhead, January 14th, 2020.
Trail access from the Brant cabin, January 14th, 2020.
Excellent classic skiing on Sukkerbusk and throughout most of the trail system, January 11th, 2020.
First time skiers! January 11th, 2020.
Setting new track after renovating on Twin Lakes, January 10th, 2020.
Grooming on Skaters Waltz, January 10th, 2020.
Setting new track on JibFly, January 10th, 2020.