Trail Report

We have been grooming on select trails this week after Sunday night storm.  We will be packing select trails Saturday morning after the dusting of snow Friday night. Friday we packed out Rootin Tootin’ Mother North Star JinFly. Thursday we packed on North Loup and Skaters Waltz extension and made another pass on Skaters Waltz, Suicide Hill and Sukkerbusk. We packed Sap Run, Sukkerbusk, JibFly, Skaters Waltz and Suicide Hill ski trails Tuesday.  Wednesday we packed out Twin lakes and made additional passes on Sap Run, Sukkerbusk and Skaters Waltz.  Still need 2-5″ of additional snow to open the trails but a good start. Thin cover in open areas. We will continue working on the trails daily, adding snow to thin areas and clearing deadfall from the recent wind on outer trails.

Twin Lakes Singletrack open for fat biking. Latest report

Packing on Rootin Tootin, December 8th, 2017

Packing on North Loup ski trail, December 7th, 2017.
Making another pass on Suicide Hill, December 7th, 2017.
Scraping snow off the basketball court and transporting to thin spots in start area. December 7th, 2017.
Packing on Twin Lakes, December 6th, 2017.
Another pass on Skaters Waltz, December 6th, 2017. Firming up!
Testing the skiing on Skaters Waltz, throwing off sticks. Few more inches and trails will be officially open. December 5th, 2017.
Rollpacking on Sukkerbusk, December 5th, 2017.
Sukkerbusk ski trail, December 05th, 2017.
Rollpacking on Skaters Waltz, December 5th, 2017.
Suicide Hill, December 17th, 2017.