Trail Report

Another nice morning on the trails.  Not quite as cold last night with clouds moving in early morning and hanging around until mid afternoon.  The trails softened a bit earlier and not as fast but still some fun skiing. A good size group of skiers hitting the trails throughout the day. A handful of classic skiers as well hitting the trails that still have remnants of a track and reports were good. North Loup and Skaters Waltz groomed at dusk today and even though the air temp is in the upper 30’s,  the freshly groomed is freezing down and getting crusted on top, which is what we want!! If it stays clear tonight it will be hard and fast in the morning but if it clouds over, it will just mean softer conditions a bit earlier. A few areas of thin cover on Skaters Waltz and one spot on North Loup but still skiable throughout. North Loup holding a bit more snow, as usual and should make it fine until Monday morning. We are most likely done  grooming for the year unless we get dumped with fresh snow later in the week!

Photos from yesterday.