Trail Report

After four days of temps in the upper 40’s, we cooled back down to the upper 20’s on Wednesday.  Jonell has always wanted to try her hand at grooming so today we groomed Skaters Waltz. We made four passes total and the trail groomed up very nice. I was expected southern exposed areas to be bare and water in low spots but the entire Skaters Waltz trail has excellent coverage with just a arm length section of trail that is “thin”. Overall the coverage on the trail system is very good. Skate skiing on the groomed surface early this afternoon was very nice and about as good as it gets for spring skiing. Fast but enough loose for edging and speed control. Temps not warm enough to make it mushy and the surface was very nice.  Should stay cool until Friday when we will warm up again. We will probably groom again on Friday and also try to groom out North Loup. The classic trails still have definition of tracks and would be okay skiing during the transition time. This time of year it is hard to know when conditions are going to be just right but when timed properly, can be some nice skiing.