Trail Report

A very pleasant day on the trails. Pretty much ideal for late February. Wind settled down from yesterday and sunshine out in full force in the morning before giving way to high clouds in the afternoon. Temp reaching 32 degrees but no melting on the trails. The streets might be slushy in town but the snow is dry on the trails. Southern exposed hill did soften up a bit and then froze down in the late afternoon making the tracks fast in spots but not icy, according to the groomguy. Chance of light snow tonight which would slow things down on the tracks and cooler temps the end of the week. Grooming planned on select trails in the morning that will freshen up the trails. Wind did bring down a few leaves yesterday but nothing that disrupts the skiing, really. All in all the trails are in great shape and some nice skiing. We are approaching the time of the year that the sun is quite powerful and even though the temp might be in the 20’s the snow might soften up. Waxing can be tricky but if prepared proper, some fantastic skiing. No wax skis always reliable and skating pretty much awesome with a good base of snow.