Trail Report

More seasonable weather middle of the week with nice breeze from the south. Temp dropping down to the mid 30’s Monday night with a few low lying areas picking up some frost and a couple of the roofs a little white. Always exciting to see the first frost as a reminder winter isn’t too far behind!! . Off and on showers over the weekend with light precipitation totals. Feels like October but the leaves are out in full force with very little color change, just a few maple trees here and there showing some color. We are working on the ski trails for the upcoming winter season when we can, mowing and clearing deadfall and brush. The next event to take place on the trails will be the Pumpkin Run. A 4 and 8km trail run on the ski trails. The date of this event will be October 18th. The trails will remain open this fall for biking, hiking and trail running. There is no trail fee to use the trails. A great time to be in the woods with pleasant temps and no bugs. We are also working on a new section of mountain bike singletrack throughout the Fall. We are planning on making a 4-5 mile loop to the west near the Twin Lakes ski trail system. We are hoping to have a trail day this fall and will post information when we set a date.