Fat Bike Trail Report

Fat bike trails are open. Good hard freeze overnight will have the deck solid this morning. Overall the trail is rolling good, a few sugary/rutted spots but nice riding. Best riding will be in the morning when temperature is below freezing. Great seeing all the riders out on Saturday!

If you need to walk any hills, please push bike on the trail and walk on side of the groomed deck. If you are stinking in, check the tire pressure for better rolling and riding experience. Thank you! This will help preserve the deck during warm weather. 

The Inner East loops starts on Skaters Waltz to the right and follows along the side dipping into singletrack before going across Bullhead lake to access the Bootleg singletrack loop. Back across the lake to skaters waltz and more singletrack before crossing the road and left in to Maplelag. Signs are out marking the Fat Bike trail and the “FatLagChilada” loop which is all the groomed fat bike trails. The west or Twin Lakes loop can be accessed from the Maplelag driveway including the Sukkerwest loop which is at the end of the Maplelag driveway.

Rolling through a frosty forest on the fat bike trail! January 27th, 2024. (P. Arneson photo)
Saturday riding, January 27th, 2024. (M. Engen photo)
Rolling across Bullhead lake to access Bootleg singletrack, January 27th, 2024.