Bike Trail Report

Bike trails are open for fat biking/winter riding. Winter conditions returning with 3″ of fresh snow Saturday morning. Please note as we begin ski trail grooming, the east side trails are closed until the trails set up. The west side (Twin Lakes loop) is open for riding and has been rider packed and Bullhead Bootleg loop is open using the Goat Ranch rd for access. With warmer temps in the forecast, we will not be grooming until more snow and sustained cold. 

Trails will be open every day moving forward. Please avoid riding when temperature is above 34 degrees. Recommended to use a fat bike.

Once again we will plan to groom around 25km of trail for fat biking this coming winter season. The main loops groomed are Bullhead Bootleg and Twin Lakes singletrack with inner segments to connect to make a “FatLagChilada”. 

Rolling through fresh snow, December 9th, 2023.