Mountain Bike Trail Report

Mountain bike course is open. A stunning weak in place with fall color hitting the peak. Beautiful evening last night for local high school team practice. Always great having them out! We blew out all the inner trails yesterday, working on the original Twin Lakes loop today and plan to blow out Bootleg, North Loup Gnar and Hudsons by Friday morning. Fingers crossed weather holds for the Fall Color day on September 23rd. Conditions are very dry so rain will be welcomed and if not raining, the course dries out fast and is rideable shortly after any rain.

Congrats on everyone that completed the LagChilada challenge over the weekend including a handful of people that did a double LagChilada!!

Great day of racing, albeit a bit hot, for the 33rd Laddies Loppet mountain bike race this past weekend. Thanks to everyone that came to the race and all the volunteers, race officials and service personal that helped make it a great day. (Random photos from each race below)

The singletrack segments are signed by name and courses are generally marked for the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series with Citizen, Sport, Comp and Expert. Any singletrack that is not marked where it crosses ski trail, continue straight on the singletrack. Reference our map or TrailForks or Strava for guidance. 

The Lagchilada challenge is in place which is a ride consisting of the entire mountain bike trail system. It is marked with both black signs and pink signs. Use the Strava app or guidance.

A good intermediate loop to ride is the Sport Loop and Bullhead Bootleg to the east. A good beginner loop to ride is the Citizen loop as well as the loops “Feeling Lucky” and “Sukkerwest”. North Loup Gnar on the north side is a slow tech skills trail. 

Always be aware for changing conditions and assume all responsibility riding.  The Maplelag course is generally described as a classic or natural trail which is rideable shortly after any rain events as the rain is absorbed and drains off naturally.

Trail users are welcome to use the Brant cabin for a changing area and there are also bathrooms. Please note we are remodeling in this cabin but the bathrooms are open.  Season passes available on our gift shop page.

Local high school team “NWC Wolves” on the move September 19th, 2023.
Beauty night to ride! September 19th, 2023.
Coaches and kids with this years shirt for those completing the LagChilada challenge. September 19th, 2023.
Fall scene, September 18th, 2023.