Fat Bike Trail Report

The InnerWest loop is fully opened and groomed. Total distance on this loop is around 17km. Very good to excellent riding conditions. Today we cleaned up the drifted areas. Should be fantastic riding in the morning Tuesday.

The InnerWest loop consists of select inner singletrack segments, SukkerWest singletrack and the Twin Lakes singletrack loop, The start is just south of the main parking lot. Look for the FatLagChilada signs and follow to ride the loop. Other riding options include the SukkerWest loop and the Twin Lakes loop.

Touch up grooming on Twin Lakes singletrack, March 20th, 2023.
Fat bike trail grooming, March 17th, 2023. Snow is getting deep!
Grooming on Twin Lakes singletrack loop, March 17th, 2023.
Fat bike trail, March 16th, 2023. Solid base with very thin dusting on top. 
Rolling through Twin Lakes singletrack, March 15th, 2023.
Deep snow and base on the trail! March 15th, 2023.
Grooming on Twin Lakes singletrack, March 13th, 2023.