Fat Bike Trail Report

We have been grooming on the Twin Lakes Singletrack loop the end of this week and will be out today for another run to have rideable conditions by the weekend.

The FatLagChilada loop consists of Skaters Waltz starting to the right, the main singletrack loops Bullhead Bootleg, Twin Lakes and Sukkerwest. We also have groomed select segments in between to make the “FatLagChilada” loop. The above loops can be ridden separately. To access the inner loops, go to the start of Skaters Waltz and veer right. There are signs from that point and at key intersections where to turn to make the full loop. Please only ride on the designated areas for fat biking.

Bullhead lake is frozen for access across the lake. There is around 10-14″ of ice and folks have been riding across the lake.

The Maplelag driveway is a good feeder to access Sukkerwest, Bjorps across from Sukkerwest which leads into North Star and crosses the road again to Twin Lakes.

With the hardpack conditions on the ski trails, the skate loops Skaters Waltz, the extension loops and North Loup are open for riding making for around 30km of groomed riding options.

Keith the “Machine”after another grooming run on the fat bike trails, December 29th, 2022.
Fresh groomed trail, December 29th, 2022. Conditions still a bit soft
Fresh fat bike grooming, December 28th, 2022. Will need a few more passes and rider traffic to set up and have rideable conditions.