Mountain Bike Trail Report

Trails are open. The mountain bike trails will be open until November 1st. We have been clearing leaves on the entire mountain bike trail system the past 10 days and conditions are excellent.

Surface conditions are hardpack and dry. A few leaves still to come down and might be some that blow in otherwise great late season riding. 

Please park in far parking lot by the recycling containers. 

Please note we have taken down course marking and many of the signs. Trail maps online and TrailForks. 

Ride at own risk and assume all responsibility.

Enjoying the freshly cleared trail on Twin Lakes singletrack, October 20th, 2022.
Sunset on the “Bjorp’s” berms, October 19th, 2022.
Golden hour ride on ski trail segment of bike course, October 18th, 2022.
“Bente’s Bump” singletrack, October 18th, 2022.
Twin Lakes “bridge loop” after fresh clearing, October 18th, 2022.
Bullhead Bootleg singletrack, October 16th, 2022.