Trail Report

Dry weather all through the night. Wind blowing pretty good helping dry out the trails after 2/10ths of an inch of rain yesterday. The course is in great shape and looking good and should be perfect conditions for racing on the weekend.  A few corners and berms a tad greasy early on Friday but should dry out nicely with the wind and dry weather today on through the weekend. We finished blowing out the singletrack on this morning, removing leaves and small twigs etc. A great weekend of racing on tap!!  We also have been mowing on the ski trails throughout the summer, preparing them for winter and cutting trees from winds earlier this month. The ski trails are in great shape for this time of year. A few areas of erosion from the hard rain but will repair in the Fall.

The trails are open for mountain biking, hiking and trail running throughout the Fall until the snow flies for real.  The trails are closed to horses and motorized use. There is no charge to use the trails. The mtb course starts near the Great Northern Cabin and is marked for beginners to advanced riders. Follow the white signs with black arrows. The singletrack sections are labeled easier or more difficult/advanced. The advanced loop is around 7.4  miles, taking 40 min to 1.5 hrs to complete. Please park in the parking lot by the first freight house as you enter the Maplelag property. The other mowed ski trails are open for riding as well. Enjoy!

Photos from checking out the trail Thursday afternoon in between rain showers.

Section of singletrack after being “blown out”. All the singletrack will be blown before race day!
Big rock on singletrack section. Keep your weight back and hand off the front brake and roll over no problem! Part of Sport/Comp/Expert course only.
Clearing a tree that had fallen from last nights storm.