Bike Trail Report

Bike trails are now closed.
Thanks to everyone who supported the trails this past season. Even though it was a bit shorter this season, compared to previous years, it was a good year of fat biking with some great riding. Shout out to Ben Olson and the use of his “snow dog” groomer and his grooming efforts.

We are now waiting for the frost to go out. Even if the temp is warm, the process of having the frost go out is lengthy and typically the mountain bike trails will be rideable mid to late April. Riding now when trails are soft can damage the trails and take more time to repair. With the trails mostly free of snow, it is possible the trails will be open earlier if favorable weather.

We are hoping to host a short notice mountain bike race on May 8th, we will have more information and details by early April.

Mountain bike singletrack starting to dry out, March 22nd, 2021.