Trail Report

Saturday mostly dry until later afternoon, light showers moving in.  Couple groups of riders hitting the trail reporting good conditions.  Getting slick with rainfall near suppertime but the rain good for settling the dust and easing the dry conditions. Should be a nice day for racing tomorrow with drier conditions forecasted.  The woods are slowing becoming more green with the recent warm weather. We have been working on the course for the  short notice mountain bike race on Sunday, blowing out leaves and sticks on the singletrack and putting up signs and course tape. The trail is open for riding at no charge. Riding has been great for early season. The trails are closed to motorized use and horse travel.  We will be hosting a short notice mountain bike race on Sunday April 25th. The woods are alive with the sights and sounds of nature including the calling of the loon during the evening hours… a great time of the year to be in the woods with no bugs and nice sight lines through the forest.