Trail Report

Warm weather to end the month of March and start of April.  The warm weather in March has allowed for an early ice off with the ice coming off the lake on April 2nd.  The woods are coming alive with the sounds and sights of Spring. A little bit of green starting to emerge and many birds and wildlife on the move. The swans,  geese and ducks have been enjoying the little bit of open water on the shores of Little Sugarbush as well as the beavers that keep Jib and Fly occupied. A few snakes being sighted in the woods along with the sounds of owls, crows,  and migratory birds.  The trails have dried up nicely. There are still a few low spots wet and we need a week  to completely dry out the trails. The mountain bike singletrack has dried out for the most part and riding has been good for early season.  We have blown out some of the singletrack and will work on the course the month of April. We should have the course marked in a few weeks and open “officially” for mountain biking but open for people familiar with the trail. There is no trail fee to use the mountain bike course and no services in the main lodge.