Trail Report

After a hot day on Saturday capping off an above normal in temperature week, cooler temps moving in Sunday and Memorial day with a quick shower Sunday morning.  Looks like a slightly cooler week on tap compared to last week.  Should be great riding on the bike course this week.  Few more wildflowers coming out this week and hummingbirds returned (and a unique phinx moth!).  Still a few wet spots in the woods from last weekends rain but riding has been excellent on the bike course and majority of course dry and in excellent condition. Groups of riders hitting the trail almost daily. The woods and underbrush has filled out completely and feels and looks like July!! Dragonflies out in full force with just a few mosquitoes.  We cleared the deadfall that was on the course and also did some trail work, building some berms. We have also started mowing on the ski trails, preparing them for winter!

The trails are open for mountain biking, hiking and trail running throughout the Spring and Summer. The trails are closed to horses and motorized use. There is no charge to use the trails and there are no services in the main lodge at this time. The mtb course starts near the Great Northern Cabin and is marked for beginners to advanced riders. Follow the white signs with black arrows. The singletrack sections are labeled easier or more difficult/advanced. The advanced loop is around 7 miles, taking 50min to 1.25 hrs to complete. Please park in the parking lot by the first freight house as you enter the Maplelag property.