Trail Report

Trails are open. Spring conditions! Skaters Waltz and most of the inner classic trails grooming this morning. Didn’t freeze down so snow will be soft right off the bat making for controllable skiing all day.

Reports from the skiers Friday were good. It didn’t really freeze down the night before so the snow was a bit slower but better than being icy fast! Skaters Waltz, the extension and Suicide Hill groomed with new structure pressed on the deck and new tracks set on Sukkerbusk, Sap Run and Twin Lakes. The skating was softer and slower early but got faster as skiers skied.  We will not be grooming the outer trails like Roys, Island and Bootleg extension on Bullhead but plenty of snow, just expect softer conditions.

The snow base in the woods is 1-2 feet and compacted base on trail is almost a foot. Warmer weather to continue for a few days but bottom line there will be skiing to be had. Might be a bit more tricky to wax and timing important  depending on desired ski preference. Icy in the morning if if freezes down than softening as the day passes. Once the snow softens after warm spell than freezes at night, it is better it warms up again the next day to keep the snow softer and have more spring like conditions versus a hard freeze and boiler plate, icy conditions. We are being conservative on grooming to best manage the snow to have the best skiing possible

New snowfall since January 1st around 18″. Total snowfall on the season now at 52″.

All the inner trails and Twin Lakes double tracked. Roy’s Run, Island Lake, Wavy Gravy, Bootleg extension and segments of Lucky’s Loype single tracked. Skaters Waltz, the extension of Skaters, North Loup and Suicide Hill groomed for skating. (15km) There is also a track on the side of the skate lane on North Loup.

Day pass for day use is $15.

We have been grooming the Twin Lakes singletrack for Fat Biking. Thanks Ben Olson for taking on this role and volunteering his time!THE TWIN LAKES SINGLETRACK FOR FAT BIKING CLOSED UNTIL COLDER WEATHER RETURNS Latest trail report.

Lunch available for $10 during midweek outside the Holiday season. Email for reservations and to confirm pricing: [email protected]