November 15th Update

It continues to be very busy at Maplelag as we work on construction projects and prepare the trails for the upcoming winter season. click here for daily trail report November has been an interesting month, weather wise, with winter to start the month followed by warmer temperatures then snow again followed by yet warmer weather this week. Pretty typical of Novembers of Maplelag which can vary. We did get out to groom a little the first snowfall and enjoyed a few days of special early season skiing.

Fresh cordurouy after early November grooming. Most of the trails we can open on just 3″ of snow with detailed off season preparation.

We had the store open last Saturday and want to thank everyone that came out. We will have the store open on a more regular basis once we open for the ski season. Hours will be posted on our social media handles and the store website page located here.

Jonell has the store stocked nicely and continues to add as we prepare for the winter months to come.

Progress continues on various projects as we have mentioned in previous updates. We have also been very busy on the trails with one more fall grooming push, focusing on the outer trails and touching up the inner ones. Overall the trails are looking great for winter and ready for snow.

Fall trail grooming on Roy’s Run. Ready for snow!!

Last week we finished the upgrades in the Red Caboose and getting very close on the Six Swedes cabin. We are now working on the Orange caboose and on phase 3 on the Candy Store cabin. Once we complete these projects, we will begin phase 2 on the Lapland cabin.

Interior view of the new full kitchen in the Six Swedes cabin.

Photos of the Red Caboose can be found here and the Six Swedes cabin can be found here. As we put the finishing touches on these projects, we will update the content with more photos as well. For those interested in making reservations or any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Cozy Red Caboose with some of the new upgrades featured.