Remembering Lucky

On the afternoon of March 18th, 2010, Maplelag’s popular dog, Lucky, passed away. Lucky first came to Maplelag in the Spring of 1997. He was a small pup  that wondered from the woods.  Calls to the neighbors, radio station and flyers posted at Richwood Store revealed no owner. Maplelag adopted the black lab mix and named him “Lucky”. Lucky was a perfect dog for Maplelag. He would guide skiers on the trails and be a magnet to kids in the lodge that would melt over him while he took it all in. Lucky lived a great life, roaming the grounds at Maplelag and never had to spend a night in a kennel.  Maplelag’s singletrack classic ski trail was named after him, Lucky’s Loype and also the trail run in the Fall, Lucky’s Loype Pumpkin Run.  Thanks for the great memories Lucky!