Maplelag Fire Update October 24th

Fall grooming on Sap Run trail, October 21st, 2022.

As we move closer to the winter season, final preparations on the ski trails are occurring like a normal fall. We are clearing leaves, sticks, branches and any deadfall. Having the trails as cleared as possible helps us to open up select trails on minimal snow. The ski trails will be open for day skiing this winter (more below) 

With the loss of the main lodge on October 10th, we obviously will not be able to feed guests this year and provide the amenities offered from the lodge. 

With this situation and other circumstances, we have made the decision to not be open for lodging only. The fire of 1999, we were closed that following winter then opened up for lodging with limited meal service out of the “cat house” building the following winter. At this point, this is not an option considering all the circumstances.

Many of you have already reached out regarding the deposit. To read the rest of the update, click here.