Chirps from the Bird

As we continue with the finishing touches of the new lodge, we are very pleased with the function of the building. As Jim adds a new lunchbox to the collection and an antique sign goes up on the wall, memories of the old lodge return. Many repeat guests have commented on how the new lodge has the feel of the old lodge. (The location of the cookie jars the most important of course). We always strive to make everyone feel at home at Maplelag and will do everything we can to make the visit to Maplelag as memorable as possible. Probably the most surprising business avenue we have taken is the weddings that have occurred at Maplelag. The lodge has enough space to accommodate all the activities associated with a wedding. It is particularly fun when the majority of the guest stay at Maplelag. Everyone has a chance to relax and have more opportunity to visit with the bride and groom.

If you missed a visit to Maplelag this past year but kept up to speed with the newsletter, you read that Jonell and I were getting ready to add another person to the Maplelag family. Jens Niklas came right before the first winter storm of the year and he is truly a blessing. His older brothers love having him around (although I am not sure Jens feels the same all the time). I look forward to the day when they all grow up and we will have the trails groomed and the lawns mowed in record time!

The past summer has been the usual busy with the language camps and planning for the fall activities. We did quite a bit of work on the course for the Laddies Loppet weekend and feel the bike course is getting better every year. I still continue to race mountain bikes myself and had the opportunity to go to a National race in Idaho. Jake and Jon went along and enjoyed seeing the different types of mountain bikers.

With the leaves already showing hints of color, it won’t be long until fall is here and the snow will be falling.

Have a crisp fall and think snow.