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Trumpeter Swans on Bullhead Lake

Trumpeter swans on the edge of Bullhead lake.

Bullhead Lake has been home to groups of trumpeter swans throughout the Summer and Fall with as many as 20 swans on the lake at one time. The trumpeter swan was introduced in the Tamarac Wildlife Refuge (6 miles east of Maplelag) in 1987 and has been a major success story, considering only 70 swans existed worldwide in 1932, with a healthy population in this area.  Swans often land on Little Sugarbush, the lake Maplelag is next to, and are a treat to watch and listen to.  

Scrapbooking 2008

Maplelag is an ideal place for scrapbooking.  With the resort staff handling all the meals and cleanup, participants can focus all their time on their projects. Of course, don’t forget the opportunity to explore the Maplelag grounds, visit the Spa including massage therapy and shop in our gift shop. For more information on participating, please feel free to contact us and we wil put you in touch with the appropriate individuals.

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