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Trail Report

Warm run to the end of September. Balmy weather making for pleasant conditions to be in the woods. Cold front set to come through over the weekend, however, bringing cooler temps and chance for more rain. A most beautiful time of the year at Maplelag with the maple trees changing and providing some beautiful conditions. Looking at pictures from years past, we are still 4-5 days behind “normal”. Our leaves came out very late this year, not until early June and unlike other parts of the state, we have had consistent rainfall during the summer and fall, evident by above average water tables and high water in the lakes, ponds and sloughs. All in all, the conditions are awesome right now for being in the woods. We are working on the ski trails for the upcoming winter season when we can, mowing and clearing deadfall and brush. The next event to take place on the trails will be the Pumpkin Run, 4 and 8km trail run on the ski trails. The date of this event will be October 18th. The trails will remain open this fall for biking, hiking and trail running. There is no trail fee to use the trails. We still have the bike course marked for the Sport/Expert loop and riding has been awesome. A great time to be in the woods with pleasant temps and no bugs and fall color. We are also working on a new section of mountain bike singletrack throughout the Fall and have made some good progress the past 7-8 days. We are planning on making a 4-5 mile loop to the west near the Twin Lakes ski trail system. We are hoping to have a trail day this fall to work on this trail and will post information when we set a date.

Sukkerbusk ski trail nice for hiking....and ready for snow!