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Lotvola Cup

March 1, 2014 2:00 amtoSeptember 1, 2014 2:00 am

We’ve had another great season of events at Maplelag, kicking off with our annual Laddies Loppet mountain bike races in early September, which drew hundreds of riders, families and friends to enjoy a great fall weekend and the Maplelag hospitality.  The event brings a lot of new friends to Maplelag and a chance to explore our trail system and dip in the lake, all without the usual cover of winter.

Once the snow started flying, nearly 2500 high school kids from 25 schools participated in ski clinics in, time trials and ski technique. Maplelag was a major sponsor of the ski camps which allowed the teams that may not otherwise have the opportunity to train in a stress-free environment in a resort atmosphere. Maplelag will continue to promote and support healthy active lifestyles in the beauty of nature while trying to leave as little of an imprint on the environment as possible.

It is with fond memories and some sense of loss that we announce the end of the Lotvola Cup.  The timing of the event, as well as some issues with land access, have led us to the difficult decision to no longer continue this race. The Lotvola Cup was one of the oldest cross country ski races in Minnesota, started back in 1978, and has grown to be popular among not only local skiers but enthusiasts from around the country.

The 12 KM classic technique only race was named in honor of Elias Lotvola, an early Finnish pioneer in the local Sugarbush who was famous for his skiing abilities and for making of the classic wooden skis in the Finnish tradition by hand.   Even when he was in 80’s Elias would ski thru the bush and woods checking his trapline of over 30 miles in length. His skis and poles were on display  in the lodge, but sadly they were lost in the total destruction of the lodge in the fire of December of 1999.  However, many examples of homemade Finnish wooden skis in the lodge which are most similar to those made by Elias Lotvola, are on display in the new lodge. The race honored the tradition of Nordic skiing in Minnesota and up to the most recent race, had a wood ski division. Past Lotvola Cup participants included not only recreational skiers but Olympic athletes including biathelte Wynn Roberts of Battle Lake area who competed in Vancover in 2010.  Maplelag has always promoted a healthy and environmental friendly use of the land with a minimal footprint so as to conserve and promote our wonderful natural resources.

We will continue to offer a number of great special events at Maplelag, and hope to see all of you

Busy with Boys

Greetings! I am not embracing this “world wide web stuff” but to stay “in the loop” with the rest of the world, including our boys and Jay, I will try………..
Summer went very quickly and when asked “How was your summer?” I tend to reply, “Great, only one trip to the ER, this summer.” (Jens “hooked” his back, fishing off the dock) Which I think sums it up, as we have four VERY active boys. So long, naptime (in case you have read my previous articles from our newsletter).
This fall was a huge change for me, all of the boys are in school. So, for the first time in 15 years 3 months, I have no one at home but Jay! I haven’t sat around once to ponder, what will I do now? But, I do miss them all terribly and honestly it was harder taking Jake to the high school than it was to leave Jens with the kindergarten teacher.
The store is full of new merchandise, I will re-stock it again for winter and I have some custom jewelry pieces on the way. I have my list of suggestions from last winter, I will do my best to accommodate. We had our “favorite” pumpkin lady, Virgie Ziegler, deliver all of the beautiful harvest decorations two weeks ago and now you will find all of the varieties scattered through out Maplelag, inside and out! The fall season is going quickly, with two more weddings, the pumpkin run and other retreats, the snow months will be here before we know it………think snow and come visit us again soon! Jonell

Busy with the boys!!
Busy with the boys!!