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Detroit Lakes Invitational Ski Meet

January 6, 2009
6:00 amto3:00 pm

Detroit Lakes Invitational

10:30 am Tuesday January 6th 2009

Maplelag Resort

Callaway, MN

**The race will be a continuous pursuit, starting with classic style and a quick change to skate at the halfway point of the race.

**The skiers may have assistance in the change over process.

**If skiers use the same set of skis for both the classic and skate race, the skier must step completely out of the ski binding in the ski transition area before they will be allowed to continue the next leg of the race.

Each leg of the race will be 5 km in length.

***Varsity skiers will ski the pursuit format

***Jr. Varsity skiers will ski only a 5 km Classic race.

***Jr. High skiers will ski a 3 km classic race.

10:00am Coaches meeting

10:30am Boys Varsity

11:15am Girls Varsity

12:15pm Boys JV

1:00pm Girls JV

1:45pm Boys JH

2:05pm Girls JH

Lunch will be provided for coaches and bus drivers.

Coaches will be responsible for recording and turning in times for their skiers. There will be a starter and timer that will have a running clock for each race.

Ribbons will be given out to the top 10 skiers in each race.

Top four skiers from each team will be counted for a team score

Each team will have a room in the basement of the main lodge. Only coaches are allowed on the main level. Skiers please use the exterior stairway.

Please e-mail a race roster to the e-mail address below prior to Jan. 4th 2009

Include skiers names, grades, and what race.

Contact: Dan Josephson: Head Ski Coach or (218) 841-4196

Mitch McLeod: Athletic Director

(218) 847-4491 High School

Concordia Language Villages

June 10, 2009toAugust 30, 2009

We feel very fortunate to be the host of El Lago del Basque,
one of Concordia College’s Spanish Language Villages, for eleven weeks
in the summer. It is exciting to be part of an atmosphere where students
are totally immersed in the culture of the various Spanish-speaking countries. In the Summer of 2008, we hosted Portuguese for two weeks of the summer and will do so again for 2009.
If you have been to Maplelag with your children or grandchildren, then
this would be a great place to send a first time camper. They will have
the advantage of being in familiar surroundings where they will have the
Richards families near by. And, once they have been here, don’t be surprised
if they want to come back again the next year!

For more information
about any of the various language villages, call 1-800-222-4750.

Concordia Language

Villages – Spanish

Full Moon

March 11, 2009
3:00 pm
Grooming under the moonlight, December Full moon 2007
Grooming under the moonlight, December Full moon 2007

Keep in mind there is usually a week or so before the full moon that can be counted on for good moonlight skiing. Some of the most interesting moonlight skiing is after the full moon date has passed and the moon has the best light around 4 or 5am. Skiing in moonlight then skiing into a sunrise is a great experience.