This multiplex building, which we have named the REFUGE, has four units: The Health Centre, Crow’s Nest, Treehouse and the Birdhouse. The Health Centre has a large living room with a refrigerator and three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The Crow’s Nest has a beautiful sunroom, which is a great place to relax and read. (The timbers came from the depot in Raymore, Saskatchewan.) The Treehouse has three bedrooms and a fantastic living room with an “adventurous atmosphere” (be sure to check out the names of the bedrooms if you stay there!). The Birdhouse is a cozy nest with a bird’s eye view. All of the units are filled with stained glass windows, native lumber and eclectic artwork. On the first floor, there is a communal lounge that is an ideal gathering spot for anyone who is staying in the Refuge building. This lounge is a great place to play a game while your cabin mates are taking a nap! Like so many of the accommodations at Maplelag, you won’t believe it until you see it! The minimum number of guests in these units is: The Health Centre-6, Crow’s Nest-5, Treehouse-4 and the Birdhouse-3. (Health Centre is Tier 3, the rest is Tier 2)

A Family Owned and Operated Destination Cross-Country Ski Center