Dietary and Food Statement

At Maplelag, one of the favorite activities of our guests is eating! As one of our guests commented, “Skiing is something to do to pass the time between meals!” Food is something we take very seriously! We prepare all of our entrees, desserts and most of our breads from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. As more and more restaurants are using prepared/ pre-packaged food, quality food is becoming a lost art. We strive to prepare meals that are hearty and wholesome: something like “going to Grandma’s on a Sunday afternoon” with a gourmet flair!

We do our best to accommodate all diets, dietary needs all the while being sensitive to food allergies. We make every detailed effort to prevent food cross contamination when there are guests with known allergies. If you have any dietary needs, allergies or particulars, please sign the sheet in front of the kitchen and, of course, if any questions, please ask the kitchen staff or at the office. At this time, there is no additional charge to prepare special meals while we accommodate all guests.

In our travels, we seek out unusual and/or ethnic restaurants that aren’t “chain like”. We then take the most memorable ideas from these experiences and apply them to our menus. Then, when ordering food we don’t go with the best price, but instead we look for the best quality.

Some of the items we use that we feel are unique are, pure maple syrup for our Norwegian pancakes, locally harvested honey, imported chocolate from Switzerland, and imported lingonberries, cheeses and flatbreads from Scandinavia for the Scandinavian smorgasbord. Like the bottomless cookie jars, all meals follow the “all you can eat” philosophy.

A Family Owned and Operated Destination Cross-Country Ski Center