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Fresh Bagels

Deb with a fresh batch of home made bagels!
Deb with a fresh batch of home made from scratch bagels!

Deb’s home made bagels are served for lunch most Fridays during the winter months! Happy Birthday to Deb on Saturday!

All meals are prepared from scratch using fresh and as many local ingredients as possible. We are able to accommodate all dietary needs with advance notice. Food is something we take very serious at Maplelag! If any questions on having special diets accommodated, please contact us.

Maple Syrup Season

Sap dripping from a branch turning to a icicle, April 23rd, 2013.

We no longer “sugar” at Maplelag but many locals in the area collect sap to be boiled down for maple syrup. We serve pure maple syrup at Maplelag with our syrup coming from the Kroll’s Zuckerwald in Long Prairie, MN. Check out the trail report page for a few photos of collecting sap at Maplelag in the early years.

Click here to read a nice article about Kroll’s operation.